IWMI Leadership Camp

I Will Make It; It is up to me. 

Our Mission

Self belief and leadership are the propelling forces of success. IWMI Leadership empowers youth with skills and techniques that will ensure they achieve their full potential in life.

 Our Philosophy

Leadership is defined by the mindset that drives it. We believe that the most powerful mindset is an open, driven, and passionate one. The acronym IWMI stands for this exact idea. It directly translates to “I will/won’t make it”.

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” – Henry Ford


This simple yet powerful message relays that our self-belief drives our destiny; We are in complete control of how we handle situations and emotionally process them.


As stated by one of our staff members, leadership is a lifestyle. IWMI's program is based on this acronym because the ONLY thing that will make a child reach their destiny is their self-belief and how they answer the question in any life circumstance “I will/won’t make it”.

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