Our Team

I am the founder and camp director of this program. My passion lies in creating an environment of growth and inspiration for the generations to come. We all have untapped potential in us and deserve to have a chance to tap into it. To be the best leader you can be, one must create a connection between self love and serving others. IWMI Leadership is an organization that’s goal is to help your child realize and strengthen their leadership skills.

Ashima Agarwal

I am the camp Director's Assistant for this program. My passion lies in teaching others how to enjoy life and have a positive outlook on it. I believe that to be a good leader, one needs to know when to take charge and when to listen to others. However, this essential skill is not possessed by many people. Through IWMI, I believe children will learn this skill and multiple others that will transform them into great leaders.

Alison Ware

I am the teacher for the 8-11 age group. I believe everyone, no matter how small, has great potential to be a leader as long as they are given the proper resources and support. I love working with kids, and I feel their voices matter just as much as anyone else. IWMI is the place for your child to feel like not only can they make a difference in their community but, in their own lives!

Christina Fang

I am the teacher for the 12-14 age group. I am extremely passionate about empowering and guiding younger generations to discover their potential. I love teenagers and strongly believe that they are one of the most powerful age groups. IWMI is the perfect place for your child to discover the impact they can have on the community and I’m looking forward to an amazing summer!

Emily Walgren

 I am a teachers assistant for ages 8 through 11 and I will be working with Christina Fang. Im very excited to see them grow as a person, seeing someone learn skills to better them-self is a great feeling. I feel to be a leader you have to prove the path and give them the tools to get their desired goal. IWMI  is a camp to help your child to be a leader and show them what they can do.

Wesley Ahmetovic

 I am a teacher's assistant and I will be working with Emily Walgren. I am most excited to improve as a leader and help the kids improve as a leader and help kids improve their lives as leaders as well. I want to be a role model to the kids and help them discover who they are. IWMI is a place of guidance, empowerment, and a place to become a leader. I can't wait until summer and to meet your amazing children!

Ashley Barron
Sam Witchart

I will be the photographer and videographer for the entirety of the summer camp. I will help IWMI Leadership to document the experience that the kids have and I’m hoping to capture the amount of fun and improvement that takes place. You can visit some of my past work on www.wishheartproductions.com

IWMI Leadership Camp (331) 457 3142  |  iwmileadershipcamp@gmail.com