Our Mission

The Big What and How...

IWMI's mission is to teach practical and proven techniques to empower kids to drive their destiny. We focus on creating the keys that will unlock endless opportunity and growth.

Keys to Living the Life of Your Dreams: 

  1. Self-Esteem

  2. Self-Belief

  3. Determination to Succeed

These keys unlock:

  • Open Mindset

  • Positive Outlook

  • Passion

  • Creativity 

Passion is born out of creativity, and it takes self esteem, and self-belief for one to motivate themselves. This motivation turns into determination and this determination is powerful when lined with a positive outlook and an open mind.

Schools focus on academic achievement

Linear Approach

& this isn't bad. Academic achievement is important, it just puts    students    in a box. In order to get them thinking outside of the box, something else needs to supplement the missing skills and values. 


 is the ability to lead yourself down the path of your choosing. Only after we master the art of self-leadership, can we impact others.

IWMI Leadership Camp focuses on empowering kids with core values

Independent learners, unconfined potential.

Each Day: 

  1. Lesson

  2. Lunch 

  3. Fun activity

  4. Physical Activity

What They Learn:

  1. Adabtability

  2. Keys to Success

  3. Concept of Happiness

Parent Day:

  1. Students Work is Showcased!

  2. It's on Friday.

Lunch will not be provided.

However, we encourage all students to bring a healthy meal and water every day. 

Have Questions? Contact Us!

IWMI Leadership Camp (331) 457 3142  |  iwmileadershipcamp@gmail.com

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